Meet Chris

Chris is a proud impact-driven entrepreneur. Having served the entrepreneurial community his entire legal career, he has seen first hand how a strong, impact-driven business can change the world.

As Chris says, "it all comes down to purpose. Do you know your purpose? If you think it's just to make money, I can think of a million and one other ways to do that than owning a business. The purpose has to be bigger than the profit. That's who can and will change the world."

While You're Here... Try These On For Size

Purpose Over Profit aligns core values with a brand's true mission. But it's not just non-profit and social enterprise brands that have a purpose beyond the bottom line. Think about why you started your business. Was it to be more present for your family? Was it to gain control over your life again? Was it to change an industry? Was it to change you community? The world?

Purpose is driven by the meaning you give it. Purpose is defined by you and your mission.