Business & Brand Protection Courses

Purpose Over Profit Foundations ($697)

Learn the ins and outs of starting your purpose-driven business.

Here, you'll learn:

The Difference between LLCs, Corporations, Benefit Corporations, Social Enterprise Organizations and Non-Profits.

How to find a brand name that won't land you in court

Step by step how to set up your entity

The Must-Have Contracts For Any Purpose-Driven Brand

The Ins and Outs of Trademarking Your Brand Name

Building and Launching Your Compliant Website

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Button Up Your Brand Masterclass ($497)

A business without brand protection is playing one of the most dangerous games it can play. It's imperative to your business' livelihood and your ability to pursue its purpose that you implement brand protection measures as soon as possible.

This course helps you do this, without having to hire a lawyer.

What you'll learn in the BUYB Masterclass is:

What Brand Protection Is And Why It's Important
The Four Areas of Intellectual Property Law
Key Internal Brand Protection Strategies and Systems
Trademarking Your Brand Identifiers
Copyrighting Your Creative Works
Licensing and Royalties

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